I fully support the GNet Platform by GRiDD!!

Great technology that helps generate rides and revenue!!!

Scot P. Graf, Vice President US Sales and Account Management at GroundScope via LinkedIn May 2017

The GRiDD chauffeur app has helped Black Tie Limousine streamline communication between chauffeur and dispatcher, as well as, chauffeur to client with status update alerts. The real-time updates add value for our clients and make efficiency easier. With the evolution of GNet we are excited to have these real-time updates flow through to our clients who travel through our network eliminating the manual process needed for seamless client communication.

The peace-of-mind we have in the industry when we can use GPS to ensure a vehicle is exactly where it is supposed to be, carries over to the affiliate network with GNet. The GPS visibility saves valuable dispatch time making sure clients receive all of the necessary updates.

Since rolling out the GRiDD chauffeur app and GNet Amir has been very open to feedback. His sincere approach to taking feedback and producing enhancements is refreshing. His win / win approach to connecting everyone regardless of platform is the game changer.

David Lathbury, Black Tie Limousine

GRiDD works! This is not a software company that is testing or making promises on delivering tech that hasn't been built yet.

I have personally seen GRiDD work in real-time, have had many conversations with operators (both large and small) that have been testing it for a long period of time and they are very happy with the integrations that GRiDD is providing.

I have no professional relationship with GRiDD nor do I represent them. This post is being shared on my own accord because I know everyone in our industry has been looking for what GRiDD provides.

GRiDD delivers the bi-lateral communication our industry has been looking for from pre-bookings to on demand without you and your affiliates having to be on the same software platform.

Bill Faeth (Posted on Facebook) Founder, Limo University

“Just received our first "live" reservation through GRiDD's GNet switch, and it was from a major affiliate network. Confirmation, driver assignment, and trip status updating automatically from our Fasttrak system to their reservation system from another vendor. This is the future folks for affiliate farm-in, farm-out process.” – January 24th, 2017

Randy Allen, Owner, James Limousine

I have been waiting for years for a stable platform that can connect our reservation software, LiveryCoach, to other reservation software systems. I am finally convinced that the platform has arrived: GNet from GRiDD.

No one wants to either call an affiliate / driver or be the affiliate / driver who is getting a call to confirm trips details the day before, a few hours before & 15 minutes before a run. With this technology, I no longer need to make or take those calls. I can get chauffeur details including name & cell number as well as GPS and status updates right from Limo Anywhere & FastTrak users. It also works with a half dozen other systems, too!

GNet also makes the reservation process faster and less prone to errors. The reservation is sent directly into the other company’s system so I know that what I entered is what they have, and vice versa! I automatically get a confirm number, too.

Best of all, my clients LOVE being able to get the same up-to-the-minute status updates and GPS globally that they are accustomed to locally. I am working on getting all of my Farm Out partners on board. I only wish I could get more companies to send work to me via GNet!

Joseph Cardillo, General Manager, All Occasion Limo