Know where your passengers are whether they are in your vehicle in your local service market or riding with an affiliate across the world.

Streamlined Connectivity

Simply decide with whom and when you want to do business with your affiliates, and start exchanging real time reservation information with them. They use their apps, you use your apps, and we handle the communications in between.

Real-Time Status updates

The GNet platform is built upon a completely open API via GRiDD Technologies making it accessible from most major dispatch systems without prejudice.

Real-Time Vehicle location

The “plumbing” to support changing buyer behaviors. Fleet transparency paves the way to “Pick me up now or pick me up later”. Capture the request and process the fulfilment.

An Open Market Platform

You choose when and how to distribute the business to your affiliates.

Foundation for the Future

Add visibilty of your fleet to your Operations so can balance supply and demand.

Cross-Mobile app capability

No need to change any of your reservations/dispatch systems or relationships. Nothing changes, it only gets better and easier.