About Us

A New Day Has Dawned

Sometimes, it takes “outsiders” to look at an industry’s technology and see what is really possible. Not restrained by a “how things have always been done” perspective, our engineers, system architects, and developers are delivering solutions to an industry whose need for advanced technologies has been all but ignored.

Created by Amir Zafar, a founder of AAXIS Commerce, GRiDD Technologies was established in 2011 leveraging solutions and experience specifically for the premium chauffeured services industry. GRiDD rides on the cutting edge of the technology wave. As we have come to know and understand the nuances of Livery operations we have introduced new technology required to run an essential part of this business more effectively today, and what advances will be required for tomorrow.

GRiDD Technologies CA, Inc. is a SaaS company. We have built a world-class platform integration solution (GNet) that meets the unique technology challenges and competitive pressures currently faced by licensed limousine and ground transportation operators globally.

Working with the previously silo’d legacy dispatch system/software providers (Fasttrak, Livery Coach and LimoAnywhere to date), GRiDD has developed a 21st century integration solution to bridge the technology gap that has, until now, prohibited the development of seamless communication between operators and their partners, not only in the United States, but globally.

GRiDD was founded on the principle that a $9 billion industry should have the tools that its service providers and customers need in order to compete effectively in the 21st century without having to recreate the technology already in place.